For Action & Candid Photography

Periscope Case


Poor Man's

Go Pro

The Periscope Case converts your smartphone into an action camera. Hold, stand, or strap the phone at a convenient angle then use the mirror to point the camera in the desired direction. The casing doubles as an everyday durable protective case, meaning it’s always on your phone when the need arises.

Simple but Practical

The 3D Printed case snaps tightly onto your phone, can be strapped using the top or side loops, and angles your camera 90 degrees so the phone can remain horizontal. One popular application: Mount your smartphone onto bicycle handlebars to conveniently record video or view GPS Tracking & Fitness apps while riding.

3D Printed

3D Printed in the USA using HP's new Jet Fusion 3D Printing technology Learn More

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"Anyone looking to transform their smartphone camera into a GoPro style action camera, may be interested in a new smartphone case called Periscope Case."

"This ingenious 3D-printed accessory uses mirrors and multiple mounting points to help you take better phone video."




How it works

Periscope Case with mirror in landscape orientation.

Slide one of the mirrors out of the storage slot. Snap the mirror in the landscape or portrait slot. Landscape slot shown.

Periscope Case demonstrating grips that are also loops for straps. Periscope Case

Strap the case to anything using the loops on the sides and top of the case. Use the optional velcro straps, zip ties, or any string around the house.

Periscope Case in the hand. Mirrors in profile orientation

Shoot using any app that can flip the image 180 degrees. We recommend downloading Open Camera from the app store.

How to buy

Periscope Case now is available on Amazon Prime.





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